Our Manifest

Sculpture is a transparent clothing brand that can fit the definition of "slow fashion" and is sensitive to the seller, the consumer, especially the producer and the ecosystem. The most important aim of the establishment of this brand is the concern for the current system that produces more than it consumes, caused by the ongoing fashion production and the aggressive and rapid progression of the supply chain.

Sculpture products, which prioritize nature and the health of textile manufacturers, started being produced in an old house in the historical streets of Antakya, converted into a workshop. The biggest goal of the brand is to expand the areas of use of traditional techniques that have sunk into oblivion and integrate them into contemporary clothing. While doing this, the approach of not producing products much more than the amount that can be consumed and using local and organic fabrics is adopted by not ignoring the responsibilities towards nature, people and life, preferably with a production model in which women play a more active role. Now, Sculpture products have also started being produced in our brand’s Istanbul studio, in Etiler.


FUTURE PAST / About the Transformation Project

Since I founded this brand, the idea of transformation has been on my mind. In fact, my dream was for 1 or 2 people to come to my workshop every month with a product they couldn't give up but can no longer wear for some reason (maybe they don't like the product anymore, it's no longer usable, or a part of it has been damaged, etc.), and together we would design the transformation process for the product.

With technological advancements, people's rapid access, visibility, desire to possess everything, and the consequent emergence of numerous micro-trends have led to the production and distribution of fragile textile products that quickly go out of fashion or become outdated. Additionally, acquiring new things is a method we all resort to in order to feel good psychologically.

The goal of the "Future Past" project is to experience the feeling of transforming and making a product usable, unlike the familiar sensation of acquiring something "new." This involves transforming a product that has fallen out of use through a longer process of redesign and production.

To participate, you need to share the details of the garment you want to transform and your preferences with us. The process then proceeds as follows: an explanation of the redesign and production process is provided, information about pricing strategy is shared, sketches, drawings, and fabrics are presented based on your lifestyle and expectations regarding what the garment could become. A prototype is sewn with a similar fabric to the original to avoid any damage to the original product. Once the chosen design is applied to this prototype and tested, and upon approval, the transformation of the original product is completed.