• Sculpture is a transparent ready-to-wear brand that fits the definition of "slow fashion" and is sensitive to the seller, the consumer, especially the producer and the ecosystem. The most important of my purposes for establishing this brand was because I was worried about the current system that produces more than it consumes, caused by the usual fashion production and the aggressive and rapid progress of the supply chain.

  • With technological developments, the fact that people can reach, see and want to have everything very quickly, and therefore, the emergence of quite a few micro-trends has led to the production and distribution of perishable textile products that soon become obsolete or lose their vibe. Although we need futuristic designs that complement our body, make our daily life easier, and informs the wearer about physical health, given the recent developments on health in our world, the cessation of traditional production activities causes us to quickly break away from our cultural heritage and memory that feeds our creativity. For this reason, it is one of the main goals of Sculpture to eliminate the possibility that a completely hand-made lace or white embroidery work will not be known to a few next generations, or that a craftsman, who can make a hand-knitted shoe upper, cannot be found.

  • Sculpture products, which prioritize nature and the health of textile manufacturers, are produced in an old house in the historical streets of Antakya, converted into a workshop, as well as our studio in Istanbul. The biggest goal of our brand is to expand the areas of use of traditional techniques that have sunk into oblivion and integrate them into contemporary clothing. While doing this, we adopt the approach of not ignoring our responsibilities towards nature, people and life, not producing products much higher than the amount that can be consumed, and using local and organic fabrics, preferably with a production model in which women contribute more.

About Designer Selin Koç

I was born in Antakya in 1992. I lived there until my university education. After graduating from Yeditepe University Fashion and Textile Design Department, I completed my Fashion & Luxury Brand Management master's degree in Milan campus as the only student who won a scholarship with the scholarship competition of Istituto Marangoni.

After my education was over, I worked in the purchasing, design & product management departments of various brands of Boyner Holding. Then, I took the lead designer of the Sudi Etuz brand and took the step to establish my own brand in January 2020.